Bufferz protective screens are helping to stop the spread of the coronavirus, putting health and safety is top priority at the point of sale in retail stores, schools, public places, companies, public transport.... in short; almost anywhere!

Many clients are installing Bufferz transparent protective screens in an effort to provide protection to their staff, enforcing social distancing guidelines.  

Transparent protective screens from Bufferz can help ensure the required distance between customers and staff without disruption to service, visibility or aesthetics. 

  • Bufferz protection screens combine safety with aesthetics.
  • Our screens are made from 3mm PET-G or 3mm Polycarbonate.
  • Our PET-G and Polycarbonate screens are B1-level fire retardant.
  • Versatile and suitable for variety of applications where protection is needed.
  • Easy installation being lighter than most alternative products.
  • Both permanent installation or portable versions are possible.
  • Bufferz products are made from high-quality products to ensure durability.

Our screens are also available in outdoor versions, please contact us for more information.

Please view our product range and contact us if you would like advice and a custom proposal free of obligation.

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